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23 Last Minute Halloween Costumes Inspired By 2022 Pop Culture | Vogue

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Halloween is upon us once again, making it the perfect time to put together a costume that salutes the year's buzziest moments and most take-generating celebrity couples. Or take inspiration from this year’s reboots and comebacks—whether it's A League of Their Own or Bennifer, who ignited our Instagram by rekindling their early 2000s romance and putting a ring on it. There’s plenty of fashion nostalgia to fuel your Halloween dress at your next ghoulish gathering. In no particular order, here are 17 last-minute costume ideas to inspire your Halloween ensemble. 

Sure, you could be Emma D'Arcy or Olivia Cooke from that one viral video, but nobody will know who you're dressed up as (and if you're in Brooklyn, you'll just look like any random passerby). Instead, may we suggest dressing up as the actual drink they're discussing? For extra points, come dressed as a Negroni sbagliato and then drink one all night long—just remember to hydrate.

Honestly, did anyone define the year more than 2022 than the Safdie muse whose pronunciation of the film Uncut Gems launched a thousand imitation TikToks? Overdo your eye makeup, find an outfit that makes you look like a scantily clad futuristic robot, and "Uncle Gems" your way through the hottest Halloween party of the year—because where else would Julia be?

Too soon? Even so, the Olivia/Harry/Jason Sudeikis imbroglio is one of the buzziest celeb-gossip stories out there right now, and while I personally think a salad-dressing costume would be apropos, it might be tricky to pull off; a far easier trio option is going as Wilde and Styles and the actor they carefully kept between them on a recent press tour as rumors swirled about their love.

Listen, are you going to see other people in this costume on Halloween? Most likely, as that's what happens when the U.K. PM steps down after just 44 days in office. Plus, it's an easy choice, as all it really requires is a blond wig and a power suit; just don't forget to leave the party exactly 44 minutes in.

This "unlocked" couple's style is easy to mimic; just skew fairly Los Angeles real-estate-maven femme for Chrishell, and throw on a long wig and hat and some athleisure to approximate G-Flip's look. Just remember, wherever you go on Halloween in this costume, you will inspire queer discourse.

Sure, the new season of The Crown that stars Debicki as the People's Princess hasn't premiered yet, but we're a mere few weeks away from its release, and the sixth season's recasting of Lady Di already has everyone buzzing, so throw on a pair of high heels (Debicki is over six feet tall!) and a revenge dress and hit the town.

Yes, this is the second Styles-related item on this list, but what can we say? He's had a big year, never more so than when he covered Better Homes & Gardens and went viral. All you need is a tank top, some statement jewelry, and some temporary tattoos!

I know it's not super-traditional to dress up for Halloween with your mom (unless you're two and have no say in the matter), but if you do happen to be spending All Hallows' Eve with the folks, throw on something that makes you look like "Rachel Maddow's mechanic"—to quote Smart as razor-sharp comic Deborah Vance—and have your mom get dressed in her finest aging-Vegas-comedienne wear. Then be super-mean to each other all night, which, if your family is anything like mine, should be no problem.

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Barrymore has lived a hard life in the Hollywood spotlight, which makes it even more delightful to see her joyfully running through the rain and crying over finding a secret window during her home renovation. All these delights and more can be found on her TikTok, and they can be recreated fairly easily; just tie your hair back and sob in wonder all night, or rent a rain machine. Up to you.

It's quite unbelievable to consider that Queen Elizabeth II's passing has given way into a world where Prince Charles is king of England, but that's the case, and you're likely to see more than your share of men with scepters and blond consorts by their sides. If you can't beat them, join them!

Group costumes can be a nightmare, but they're a lot easier when everyone can agree on a theme, and if your friend group is among the many trading obsessive group-chat messages about the delightfully queer 2022 reboot of A League of Their Own, dressing up as the Rockford Peaches might be perfect for you.

Yes, he and Kim Kardashian are history, but Davidson was still inexorably tied to this year's pop-culture discourse, never more so than when he literally threw his phone out of his hands in a hurry to go shower with his girlfriend. Relatable!

As Them's Michael Cuby noted back in May, "Who does opulence better than queer people? (No one, of course.)" Thompson certainly proved that theory correct in her massive, deliciously frilly baby-pink Carolina Herrera gown, and odds are you'd look great in an approximation too. Hint: if you're stuck, slash up the skirt of that bridesmaid's dress you've had in the back of your closet since 2004. It's served its purpose.

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I didn't think I could find Bacon any more charming, but that was before he released a video of himself playing guitar and singing along to "Renaissance" with the accompaniment of a herd of goats. Can you even imagine witnessing this IRL? Easy enough to dress as Bacon, but good luck getting your friends to agree to be the goats.

It's kind of a snap to assemble an Elizabeth Holmes costume on the fly—blond wig, turtleneck, red lip, deep voice—and the popularity of the Amanda Seyfried-led, Holmes-inspired series The Dropout is likely to ensure that nobody dully asks you "So...what are you supposed to be?" while spilling beer on your shoes.

Was the movie great? Well...no, according to me, anyway, but the costumes were beyond, as befits an Austen-adapted period piece. Step into a corset and wide skirt or a waistcoat, affix a fascinator to your head, and go forth and dazzle everyone at your Halloween party by speaking in period English.

As celeb-inspo costumes go, this is a pretty easy one. All you'll need are two wigs—one long and red, one salt-and-pepper—and a costume partner you have excellent, laugh-out-loud chemistry with, as the two actors—who are currently reunited onscreen in the romantic comedy Ticket to Paradise—have a je ne sais quoi between them (of the friendship variety, of course) that can't be faked.

Is subtlety this oh-so-2022 pair's specialty? No, but why should it be? At least they're serving us something. "I feel very ‘Good for them!’ when I see a pic of them dressed to the nines, dry-frotting at an event," opined Vogue columnist Raven Smith earlier this year on the occasion of the couple's nuptials, adding, "We all need a little dash of the romance they’re bringing to our feeds."

This sleeper hit of a Netflix series just finished out its third and final season, making it the perfect time to dust off your schoolgirl outfit (whether it's from your actual school days or an adult boutique, we're not judging) and turn yourself into one of the Derry gang. Whether you're a high-strung Claire, a bad-girl Michelle, a nervous James, a daffy Orla or a literary-figure-aspirant Erin, this costume is sure to spark conversation, especially if you approach it as a group with some friends—just make sure to get your Irish brogue down pat.

This four-year-old pup made history as the first bloodhound ever to win first place at the Westminster Dog Show, and while animal costumes can be a little cutesy on adults, something about going as a bloodhound—those awkward bodies! Those sweet, droopy faces! Those ears!—saves it. Woof, woof!

When news spread of the couple’s rekindled romance via an Instagram post, it’s fair to say the internet was buzzing—and now, of course, they're legally wed, so it's time to celebrate their love with style. Hearkening back to their early 2000s romance, draw inspiration from their mobster film Gigli. Though it met with mixed reviews upon release, the film serves as a time capsule of the couple’s budding relationship. 

When Carrie Bradshaw signed off her laptop for the last time all those years ago, we’d always wonder what she’d be up to right about now—and more importantly, what she’d be wearing. HBO Max is reawakening the city girl in us all with a miniseries, dubbed And Just Like That... Serving your best Charlotte, Samantha, Miranda, or Carrie (or Che Diaz!) this Halloween is the perfect way to live out your 90s sitcom fantasy, puns and all. 

Didn't you hear? They're friends again.

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23 Last Minute Halloween Costumes Inspired By 2022 Pop Culture | Vogue

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