Things You Probably Didn't Notice In Disney Dreamlight Valley

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From keeping hold of a key item to magical doors, here's what you may not have noticed in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Have you ever wanted to camp out with Donald, Ursula, Elsa, Goofy, Mickey, Minnie, and Merlin on a super fun vacation that never ends? Disney Dreamlight Valley gives you all of this, with a slice of mystery on the side. There’s a lot to experience and plans to increase the content available, so unsurprisingly, players won’t pick up on everything.

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Dreamlight Valley has many random occurrences, dependent on being in the right place at the right time. There are also slyly hidden-away features that you might be unaware even exist. These are great places to start if you’re playing the game and looking for new elements to explore.

One of the major rollers is upgrading buildings to improve your Valley. Whether this is to improve the accommodation for yourself or others, to increase the quality of produce and furniture you can buy, or to add new fast travel spots across the map. Improving and upgrading are at the heart of Dreamlight Valley.

But, one thing you might not know to do is to open the furniture section and move your wells — the game's fast travel points — and stalls to other parts of the map. You can do this on a play-by-play basis to make traveling even faster, or permanently re-home these structures elsewhere.

Sometimes you can catch a certain character’s cameo among the clouds — or, if we're getting into specifics, a character as a cloud. In the beginning, after unlocking the Dream Castle, you have the choice of three realms to visit. In the first realm you'll find Wall-E, and in the second is Moana. Enter the middle door to get to Moana’s realm.

Once inside, if you look up at the sky above the ocean, you can see clouds shaped like Mickey Mouse. Trying to aim the camera at the sky is tricky, but the clouds in this realm are just low enough that you can aim right at them.

Dreamlight Valley throws a lot at you during the tutorial, with one of the first lessons being how to change your outfit. Something you might not know, however, is that you can also design clothes. To do this, you’ll first want to open your inventory, select Wardrobe, and then select the Customize option.​​​​​​​

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Here you’ll have numerous clothing templates to get you started. You can play around with colors, add up to fifty layers, and place adorable motifs of your favorite Disney characters onto clothing providing you have them. ​​​​​​​

As you introduce more and more people to your Valley, it becomes trickier to keep track of them all. Sometimes, if you leave them alone for long enough, you can spot them in their idle states. If you catch Moana during one of these moments, there’s a chance she’ll be humming the tune to “How Far I’ll Go.” However, you’ll need to be careful when viewing this moment, as she tends to quit humming once you get too close to her.

Moments like this are present throughout the game, so try to seek them out. This is just one of the many references you can witness for yourself for a nostalgia hit. ​​​​​​​

Your stamina and tools are all you’ll ever need, so keeping a close watch on your energy bar is important. If your stamina is getting low, but there’s still a long day of gardening ahead of you and you don’t want to waste a delicious-looking meal, you can always head back home. Enter for a couple of seconds and wait, and your stamina quickly recharges.

Remembering this tip is always good as there’s a well directly next to your home, making it much faster to get back there.

Remy is the best character you can have in the Valley (as of Early Access) because once he’s settled, he’ll get to working on refurbishing Chez Remy — the Valley’s restaurant. When Chez Remy is back open, you’re free to use the cooking station to serve orders for waiting customers, or stow tasty meals into your inventory. You’ll also gain access to extra ingredients for a price, including milk, eggs, butter, and cheese.

Line up some three-star meals, place them away ready to sell, and go to one of Goofy’s stalls. Once there, sell all the meals you've made for a hefty profit.

When you reach level ten Friendship with Mickey, he’ll give you a quest and a riddle to solve, leading to a secret door. This door is hidden behind a curtain in the Dream Castle, located behind the right set of stairs next to the castle entrance. Before entering this door, you’ll need to place four gems into the slots. You can find these by mining around the Valley — Aquamarine, Garnet, Citrine, and Tourmaline.​​​​​​​

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Once you’ve got all the gems, place them in the correct order, and you can head inside. Mickey will enter with you, and the quest will end after the two of you share a conversation. There are some goodies to collect inside, but we’ll let you discover these in your playthrough.​​​​​​​

Sometimes foraging for items isn’t enough, and you’ll need to go the extra step by taking your resources to a crafting table. One commonly needed item is Fiber, which you can make with Seaweed. However, getting your hands on the Seaweed is another story, proving more challenging than the puzzles and riddles of the game.

There are quite a few places you can find Seaweed, but it’s scarce for the item to spawn in any of these areas. Instead of waiting around and wasting time, you can farm Seaweed by heading to Dazzle Beach and fishing. Make sure you don’t aim for the bubbles, and instead a still part of the ocean — preferably close to the coast. You’ll be all filled out on Seaweed in no time.

Dream Shards are another of the essential resources that often crop up in quests. The primary way to earn Dream Shards is by destroying night vines, so chances are you’ll have a nice stock of them saved. However, if you made a mistake many players have, you will have sold the Dream Shards, not realizing how many story quests require them to progress.

Sure, you can wait for night vines to respawn and hope they drop enough Dream Shards, or you can approach critters and feed them their favorite food. Giving a critter food they like increases the chances they’ll drop Dream Shards for you to collect. Of course, it isn’t a given that this is the resource they’ll drop, but it can be a much safer bet than waiting around for night vines to respawn on the map.

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