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by Santa Clarita Magazine | Feb 22, 2022 | Home & Garden

Sliding patio doors are a great feature of any home. Not only do they allow circulation and natural lighting to flow in, but they extend living spaces to the outdoors. However, our homes’ exterior elements always require a little maintenance and effort if we want them to last. Sliding patio doors are no exception, and common problems like derailed doors, clogged and sticky tracks, and worn-out rollers are just a few of the issues that can cause a struggle. Addressing minor issues can prevent costly problems down the line. Sticky doors are frustrating and will only get worse if not seen to. We want to offer some routine maintenance tips that will help your sliding patio doors to function smoothly. • Clean the Glass There is nothing more satisfying than clean and shiny windows. You can easily remove sticky finger marks from children, general dust, and grime with some window cleaner and newspaper. By regularly cleaning glass, you can slow down debris build-up in the surrounding frame and tracks. • Wipe Down the Frame Washing the door’s interior and exterior frame will keep them looking clean and prevent weathering damage on the outer frame seal. A light dusting, followed by warm, lightly soapy water, is sufficient. Avoid using harsh chemicals as they can damage the finish of your door frames. For sliding doors with a wooden frame, re-varnishing the wood is necessary after the original varnish has begun to wear down. • Clean the Track As frequent thoroughfares, sliding patio tracks undergo harsh wear from home dwellers with their dirty shoes, kids’ crumbs, and pet hair. But they’re also exposed to seasonal temperature extremes and blown-in debris. We recommend cleaning the tracks and rollers monthly. First, use a vacuum cleaner to eliminate loose debris and dust. A warm soapy water solution will help to wipe away dirt. Take your time and use a butter knife to clean grooves and hard-to-reach spaces. An old toothbrush makes an excellent tool for lifting fine dirt in tiny spaces. • Lubricate the Tracks Lubricating bottom tracks will prevent doors from sticking and becoming tricky to open. Only do this when the tracks are clean and free of dust. DO NOT add any lubrication to aluminum sliding tracks. Lubrication can gum up the rollers and cause problems. Aluminum tracks won’t rust so just keep off the dirt and debris. • Replace Worn Out Rollers For stubborn and old doors, you may need to remove the rollers for further investigation. Dirty rollers can be cleaned, lubricated, and reinstalled. But if your door rollers are damaged, replacement is your only option. Call us today and get that sliding door fixed or replaced: 1-888-881-2007.

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