WILL.I.AMG Is a G-Wagen-Faced Coupe Concept With Suicide Doors

2022-05-14 20:50:10 By : Ms. Susan Qian

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Based on the AMG GT 4-Door, it's one of the most ridiculous concepts we've seen in a long, long time.

Mercedes-AMG revealed a concept developed in collaboration with musical artist and occasional car designer will.i.am, cleverly named the WILL.I.AMG, in a press release Thursday night. Despite only having two doors, the car is actually based on the AMG GT 4-Door sedan and sports the front fascia from a new G-Wagen. This car is something else.

Mercedes calls this a "visible symbol of the goals of Mercedes-AMG and will.i.am to boldly drive forward new ideas, push boundaries and dare to do the impossible." Assembled by West Coast Customs, the WILL.I.AMG is the sixth collaboration between the hip-hop artist and the German manufacturer. The car's boxy G-Glass design elements stretch from the front of the car all the way through the front fenders and doors. It's only when you get past the B-pillars do you start to see signs this car is based on the AMG GT 4-Door, going by the familiar rear end. The wheels, available on the GT 4-Door, are wonderful five-spoke monoblocks with yellow center caps.

In addition to the G-Wagen, Mercedes claims elements from the SLS AMG were used to formulate the WILL.I.AMG's design. Venting on the hood and the fenders remind us of those found on the SLS. There are individual glass canopies for each seat, winglets on the spoiler, and some very cool rear-hinged suicide doors, like the kind you'd find in the rear of a Rolls-Royce. Look closely, and you'll see the Mercedes logo has been modified to look like a bear's face. That's actually a logo for a limited-edition clothing line called "Bear Witness," the proceeds of which will go to "students from disadvantaged communities access to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) education to help equip them with the skills required for future-focused jobs and inventing new technologies," according to Mercedes.

Mercedes hasn't revealed what sort of powertrain the WILL.I.AMG uses, but if we had to guess, it's probably still sporting whichever engine the donor AMG GT 4-Door came with to begin with, whether that's the GT43's inline-six or the GT63's twin-turbo V-8.

The WILL.I.AMG will make its real-world debut at the Miami Grand Prix this weekend. There, Mercedes will show a part one of a six-part documentary called "DRIVE," which will detail how this collaboration came about and how the car was put together.